Monday, August 22, 2011

Divided: Already Gone?

Ever been to Sunday School?
Ever asked yourself, "What did I really learn from that lesson last week?"
Or do you even pay attention to the lesson?  In the youth ministry, do you go just to hang out?  Or is it because they're always active and doing cool stuff like concerts, laser tag, or river rafting, etc.?

My post today concerns the reports and statistics that more and more each year of our young adults and pre-teen children are slipping away from the Christian faith.  At grade-levels of no more than 5th-6th grade, percentages show those kids are already gone.


My family and I recently watched a documentary called Divided.  It goes along with the brand new book written by Scott T. Brown called, "A Weed in the Church."  It is an excellent, well-made film by the Leclerc Brothers, in which one of the brothers, Phillip, takes you to places all over the US interviewing pastors, youth pastors, and young adults about their experiences with their own youth groups and youth ministers, as well as their opinions and sincere beliefs.
One question asked was whether or not the students believed in a young earth or an old earth.  It was so sad to see that the majority of those questioned answered with "millions of years," just because they simply don't know. 
Included in the documentary are speakers such as: Dr. Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer, Doug Philips, Geoffrey Botkin, Kevin Swanson, Scott Brown, and many more.

To see the film trailer, click here.  Or to watch the full, free movie (only available through Sept. 2011), click here.
Also, if you are interested in purchasing this incredible, eye-opening film, please click the icon Divided, located on the sidebar.

Seeker of Truth,


Ashlin said...

Wow, it's funny you wrote about this. I just watched that film. It is free to watch on vimeo until September 2011. (The link: ) Movies like this are so good at opening eyes and bending knees!

Three Maidens said...

You said it, sista! :D

Barselou said...

I'm sorry, but I feel compelled to say that from what I saw it showed personal accounts of students saying their youth ministry was weak, etc. Any video with interviews like that can be made to show the view you are trying to convey. I can make a video in iMovie to try to persuade people with the point I'm trying to make. This is something that must be considered; especially, in this case, when not all youth ministries are the same...And there is no command in the Bible that says, "Thou shalt not have a youth ministry." In some churches it works, in others it may not.