Meet the Maidens

Welcome!  I guess this is the page where we tell you a little about ourselves, right? 
Well, we are three sisters living under our parents' guidance and father's protection as we endeavor in our journey as daughters to become Maidens of Virtue.

That just about sums it up.


I am a home-educated graduate of 2010, age 21, training to be a keeper-at-home and helpmeet.  My siblings and I are the fifth generation to grow up on the family farm, and I wouldn't trade my memories for anything.  I am the oldest of four children and I love anything to do with horses, nature, and photography, as well as music.  I sing and play the bass guitar in my siblings' band, Undivided, and also enjoy the violin/fiddle and ukulele.  We love a good many genres of music -- Christian contemporary, Bluegrass, Classical, Old Country, and movie soundtracks.  Some hobbies of mine include reading, drawing, and writing, mostly fiction.  Dance is also a passion of mine.  My favorite verse is Psalm 86:11, "Teach me Your way, O Lord, and I will walk in Your truth; give me an undivided heart that I may fear Your name."
I am many things, but most importantly, I am a daughter of the King of kings. 
I live for and love my Lord Jesus Christ with my soul.  My heart's desire is that every day I will be a candle that shines His Light in this dark world.
Joyfully His.

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Hallo! :) I am a 2011 home-educated graduate, 20, and most importantly a maiden of Christ. My hobbies include drawing, painting, singing, swimming, and cloud gazing. Have you looked at the clouds today? I sing in our sibling band. Oh, I do love to sing praises to God! I have yet to find a favorite verse and quote.  There's too many!


And finally, I too am a 2011 homeschool graduate of the D. Family Academy.  However, I enjoy learning and will never cease to do just that simply because I am no longer "in school."  I am training to be a Keeper at Home as well as a helpmeet to my future husband, should God so choose to bless me, by serving my family.  I love, first and foremost, my God and my Savior, Who has blessed me so much and has saved me from the punishment I deserve.  I deeply love my family, and am so grateful for the parents God has placed in authority over me.  I enjoy drawing, writing, reading, cooking, sewing, singing, playing the guitar and piano, gardening, and studying the medicinal properties of the plants God has given us.  Things I am not: I am not a good city girl, I am not a dancer (contrary to popular belief), and I am not a swimmer. ^.^

The Brother
Sir Jamin
Knight of Virtue

This young man is our little brother, except he's just not so little any more. 
Maybe, once in a blue moon, we'll get him to post something; you know, as a guest speaker.  =D 
Ah well, we'll see.