Thursday, October 13, 2011

Camping 2011

At last!  Five weeks later, I've finally posted about our camping trip!!
This was our annual camping trip for 2011.  We've been going every year for as long as I can remember.  Below, I give you an account of our week in the mountains. 

Here's our annual pic that we take (by tradition) on our walk around the lake.  Some passersby walkers took it for us.

Ah, the great smell of bacon on our first morning.  It was delicious.

Morning campfire.  Notice Rhen's smurf lounge pants... *laughs*

The next few pics show the layout of our campsite.

There's the Dragon (sage green van) and the Xterra.  I drove up the mountain for the first time, following the Dragon, of course.  We took the XT mainly for the short trips to check messages and calls on the cell phones, and to check out a few of the mountain trails.

The hammocks, a must-have on any camping trip. 

This is the inside of the tent.  We borrowed it from some friends to use this year.
Thanks to the W. Family!

My bike. *beams* I love my bike.  Aren't the colors the cutest ever?!

Early morning sunshine.

I got lots o' pics of the flowers and foliage.  I love getting close-ups if you can tell...
Below, is Jewelweed or Spotted Touch-Me-Not.  The whole plant can be used to treat poison ivy.  Very handy if you know how to use it.

Not sure what this little guy is.

Pretty purple flowers, whose name I don't know, and didn't take the time to look up...

Moss!  I love moss.  I would love to find a HUGE bed of moss somewhere in the woods and lay down on it and pet it and nap on it and watch the little fairies in the beautiful enchanted forest fly and-- Oh wait... never-mind.

Another pretty little flower.

This was taken of a tree and its seeds.  It's one of my personal favorite pics.


Mushrooms.  As you'll see later on, I have many pics of various kinds of fungi.  Fascinating things, aren't they?

Cardinal flower.

More fungus...

This is another of my favorites.

Ah, and here we are at the dam.  Most of the pictures, especially those of the flowers and such, were taken on our walks around the lake, which is about 3 miles around.

Our brother, Sir Marshall.

This is the pier, where you can fish or read or simply enjoy the scenery.

Lady Rhen

We found this little guy on the walkway to the bathrooms.  It was chilly that morning and he was moving kinda slow.  


Not sure exactly what this is, I was thinking it was some kind of cocoon, maybe.  High up inna tree...

Cute pic of Rhen and her cheesy grin... 

Alvin? ... Alvin? ALVIN!!!

This is some kind of evergreen ground cover, my ma really likes it.

Hemlock tree.  Ma likes those, too.

Hello, tiny 'shroom!

SQUIRREL!!! (if you've seen the movie UP...)

Don't know what this birdie is... Found him in this tree by the pier, he was bedding down for the night.

And, I saved the best for last.  This is my ULTIMATE favorite of all the pics. *laughs* Love it!
Love you Ma and Pa!!!

Well, that was our camping trip.  We enjoyed it as always.
Thanks to our faithful readers for keeping up with us!
Coming next: Bottle-Feeding Calves!

Joyfully His,


Ashlin said...

Love all the pics! (Especially the last one!) =)

ThomasFunnyFarm said...

You should have had ma and pa make a face or something! hehehehe Just kiddin' sis! Beautiful photography. Makes me miss the homeland even more (this time of year is rough on a girl who once had seasons and now goes to a fall festival when it is 97 degrees). Pretty! Thanks for posting. Will show kids tomorrow. And better get on the calves thing. Baby J is waiting!!! Love ya!

Nightingale said...

Fabulous pictures, Elisera! I love all the flowers and fungi. Butiful!
And the is intimidating, hehe. ;)