Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

Ok, this post is a brief, brief summary of our Christmas in 2011.
It was a great time spent in fellowship with family.  We received wonderful gifts, gave gifts, played a gift exchange game, and generally laughed ourselves silly. 
Although we didn't celebrate a White Christmas as we did last year, it was still a pleasant time with our loved ones.  
Below are just a few pics I managed to take.  

(Photo taken by Catlia)

This gorgeous necklace was given me by my wonderful parents!

In addition to gifts, we received some great news: Our cousin announced his engagement to a beautiful lady.  She is now a friend and soon to be cousin!  ^ - ^
Congratulations J and C!!!

A few days after Christmas, some other cousins of ours stopped by and helped us finish off some of the delicious food left over from a Christmas party.  It was simply beautiful outside so we decided to test out one of our gifts, a 3-man slingshot.  We had so much fun!
Even though... nobody really... EVER... hit the target... but it was great!

Water balloons were included with the slingshot, and Rhen got the idea to draw faces on them.  Hilarious!

Note: Yes, many water balloons were harmed during the debut testing of the 3-man slingshot.  Various colored remains can yet be found scattered all over the yard...

From left to right: Sky (cousin), our grandmother, and our brother Marshall.

This pic gives you an idea of the distance.  We were using an archery target, and as I mentioned before, NOBODY managed to hit it.  - _ -

I had a great video to post along with the pics but it will have to wait.

Thanks for reading!

Lady Elisera

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful time was spent with family and friends!

I love the faces on the balloons too funny:)

We had a great time with you girls. We hope we can get together again real soon!

Love, Elizabeth