Monday, March 26, 2012

Poem of the Week

"Oh it ain't much fun,
when you must keep mum,
An' they tell you not to speak,
Standin' about with a tight-shut mouth,
An' your tongue stuck in your cheek.
'Cos being silent, makes me violent,
I want to roar an' shout:
Wheehooh!  Yahboo!  I'm tellin' you,
I've got lots to talk about!
Hello, good day, how are you, say,
The sky went dark last night,
But it got bright this morning
So things turned out alright.
Well there might be rain, but then again,
We'll face the storm together,
In wind or snow, oh don't y'know,
Let's talk about the weather!
Wheehooh!  Yahboo!  I'm tellin' you,
I'll whisper, yell, or shout,
I'll natter'n'blab, or chatter'n'gab,
I've got lots to talk about!"

Sung by Horty the Hare in Loamhedge, a book of Redwall 
by Brian Jacques

(photo credit to Google Images)

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