Monday, May 14, 2012

Poem of the Week!

Hello, again, dear readers!  Thanks for stopping by!  I have a surprise for this week's Poem...
Do you remember last week's poem?  If not, you can read it here, just to get an idea.
If you remember my post last week, you will also remember that we had mentioned re-writing Mr. L'Amour's poem, "I Haven't Read Gone With the Wind".  
Well, I did it! 
This is for you Miss Sam!
(and, of course, anyone else who stumbles across this page...)

So, please, "take a gander" and enjoy my version entitled...

I Haven't Read Twilight
by Elisera Kade
(re-written from Louis L'Amour's poem "I Haven't Read Gone With the Wind")

I have read Alcott, Austin, and Doyle
What profit is in these?
I sit alone, most times at home
And wonder at these fantasies.
I crouch alone deep inside
To ignore their sickening looks
But no matter where I go
They keep talking about those books.

I cannot check my prideful blush
My color comes and goes.
I redden to my fingertips
And sometimes to my nose.
But they will gasp and exclaim to me
Their expressions full of shock,
“How can this be? How could this be?
You're missing out on lots!”

For my sake, please refrain from going on
About sharpened teeth and sparkling skin.
I care not about that stalker's love song
And despise your idea of perfect men.
Do stop that ceaseless prattle
I care not for wolf-like beasts.
I loathe a love triangle's battle
'Tis pointless folly for heart's to feast.

No other title caused such commotion
(That is, until came The Hunger Games...)
But come, come, what about the attraction
To a certain, particular name?
They ask me if I've read of or know him –
I proudly answer “No.”
But stumble through my next reply
While they simply beam and glow.

I wish I had their awful cheek
I'll just let them have their fling
Then stories I'd tell of my time with Vern
And adventures with Tolkien!
I've read Mrs. Elliot and like to browse
Thru Burnett, Batson, and Hale,
Lahaye and Jenkins, Dekker and Bright –
I enjoy Levine, who's name is Gale.

I've traveled far and wide
From Europe to Narnia, if you please.
Why, I've even been to Ireland
On rough and stormy seas!
I've explored the West,
Fought both man and beast,
Traversed the highest mountains
And down to the deepest of Deeps.

I'm familiar with Davis, Jacques, and Milne –
I've read Ham, Henderson, and Keene.
I even know the Grimm Brothers!
Whose tales are often more than they seem.
I love the stories of Flanagan,
They never leave me sullen.
I know Peretti, Paul, and Graham
But I shy away from Cullen!

I'm almost a culture outcast now
For no matter where I go,
They stare around and at me
Because in their minds they know.
I fear if another breathes that dreamy sigh
I just may take flight
To an island far away from that old young guy,
Because NO! I've never read Twilight!

Ha ha. 
*wipes away tears* 
Hope you enjoyed it!
I had a great time thinking of books from some of my favorite authors, and the adventures I've had with them, traveling all over the world and not having to move a muscle!
Well, except maybe to turn a page or two...

Lady Elisera

Coming next:  May's Featured Book, and garden pics


Sam said...

"No other title caused such commotion
(That is, until came The Hunger Games...)" Haha, this is true. THanks Elisera! I enjoyed it. =]

Three Maidens said...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. ^^ It was as much for me as it was for everyone else.