Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Walk in the Crik

Hello, dear friends!
I'd like to share a summary of the past two weeks.  It's my favorite season of the year: Hay Season! and we've been quite busy, only now is it starting to slow down.  So far we have 120 round bales ready to store in the barn and approximately 600 square bales in the big barn loft.  It has been a pretty good year with the barn being the fullest it's been in several years.  And we still have two fields to go! (For the first cutting.  We are hoping to get at least three cuttings off the fields.)
Moving on...
On a particular day, we were happy to have our cousin R join us for the day.  With his help, we unloaded two wagon-loads of square-bales early that morning.  Then, we took a four-wheeler ride to pick up some of the herb Yarrow for Catlia's purposes, and headed to the creek to wait until time for us to head to the hayfield.
We had so much fun cooling off in the creek, as you'll see in the following pics.

It was such a beautiful day!

Catlia came prepared to whack the heads off of any snakes we came across, and we saw 3 or 4 in one area.

Cousin Rob on what we call the Footlog.  It consists of two retired telephone poles serving as a bridge.

Found some wild strawberries by the way.  The taste is very watery compared to their larger counterparts.

We had a blast playing with the good Tennessee clay.

O si yo, R Clayface.
(Cherokee for "hello")

O si yo, Girl-Covered-Head-to-Toe-In-Clay.
*burst out laughing hysterically*

Ah, the traditional clay-fight between two squaws.

Rhen posing.

"Me, warrior.  You fight?"

Cleaning up.  'Bout time to head to the field.

Headin' back up the creek, we found this big guy.  That's me holding him.

R and Mr. Crawdad.

After the creek, we went to the grandparents house and boarded tractors to take to the field.  We had a neat little caravan with the cab tractor, the two Farmalls with the wagons, and the square-baler.
First we tedded the mowed hay, then raked and finally baled.  To see how it's done in detail, check out our mother's blog.
R helped out a lot on the wagon working with the square bales; they got two full wagon loads and Poppy round-baled the rest.
Come Saturday we will finish up the last two fields for the first cutting.
Then we will pray for rain and sunny weather and, God willing, we'll be able to get two more cuttings.

In the Hay Field Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Thanks for reading!

Next:  Another day in the Garden (garden pics, an update).


ThomasFunnyFarm said...

Having all the fun without us I see. Are you just TRYING to make us TN sick? Well, it is working! *grin* We are looking forward to our annual crik walks with everyone!!!!

Three Maidens said...

Oh, no, of course not! We were just testing the waters, you know, to make sure they were safe for when you and family come... XD haha
Love ya,