Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Wow.  It's been, like, forever, since, like, we've posted, like, ANYTHING.
We were so busy with our church's Vacation Bible School this past week, we are just now starting to breath again.
I got a ton of pictures from that, but first, get ready to laugh!

Ok, this is going to seem really random... but...
I wrote another poem!
I'll spare you the tedious babblings of how my thought process worked on this one, and just say that I was thinking, "If I had a pet, what would I name it?"

Tennessee Bernie Toad
Written by Elisera

If I could find the perfect pet,
Be it shop, farm, or road,
Big or small, large or tall,
I would choose... a toad!

He'd sit on my shoulder
And eat crackers all day,
Or purr in my lap
Before going out to play.

The house would be free of flies;
He'll drink from the commode.
What's his name, you may ask?
Why, it's Tennessee Bernie Toad!

We'll sing to the moon each night,
And take long walks or play fetch.
I'll teach him lots of tricks
He'll be famous, what a catch!

He'll look dashing in a black bow tie
And in the limo we rode.
As people gawk and gasp, I'll shout,
"This is my pet, Tennessee Bernie Toad!"

We'll go together everywhere,
He'll ride in my purse.
When people glare and stare at me, 
I'll say, "Hey, I could've chosen worse!"

We'll laugh and cry
About good times we've sowed.
I'll hug and squeeze my friend and pet,
Tennessee Bernie Toad!

Suddenly I awoke,
My daydream interrupted.
What was that?  A croak?
My thoughts were all corrupted.

I look down from rocking chair
And see where two beady eyes showed.
I grin at little creature by the steps
And say, "Hello there, Tennessee Bernie Toad!"

(photo credit to Google Images, http://davemarvinphotos.blogspot.com/ )

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Ashlin said...

TeeHeeHee. WONDERFUL poem, Elisera. I like it so much!