Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Father's Day & Dad's 50th

Yes!  At last!
Now you can see just how far behind we've been in posting.  Our family from Arizona came to visit and stayed with us for six weeks, it goes without mentioning that we kept busy.  We had a great time playing in creeks, watching movies, swim lessons, family meals, Day Camp, and shopping sprees.  Janora and Kel even got to spend the night with us!  Nala (our kitty) woke Janora and I up that morning. > ^ _ ^ <
They left us last Friday night to begin the long drive back.  And are now home safe and sound!
We love you Aunt J, Uncle K, J, K, J, and K!!!

Anyway, back to current post...
Father's Day.  And Dad's 50th birthday.  
Since Dad's birthday and Father's Day was just one after the other, we had a family get-together for both that Sunday.  I got to make a cake!
Here's the set up we had for our little party.

Our menu is as seen below:
Oooh.  Yummy, homegrown burgers.

Baked beans.

Squash casserole (from the garden).

And other produce from the garden: lettuce and cucumbers.  I don't think we had tomatoes just yet, so those may be store-bought.

Below is the cake I made for Father's Day.  Found the idea in a Walmart sales paper as well as some more pics online.

Rhen made her famous chocolate upon chocolate upon even more chocolate cake.  Those are chocolate leaves on top.  She picked leaves from our mint plants as well as plantain leaves.  Then she coats them in chocolate, puts in refrigerator for a little while, peels leaves away from chocolate and voila! chocolate leaves!

Everything was so good!  

Three layers of chocolate-y goodness.

The buffet line.


Silly Janora eatin' cucumbers.

After the meal, the kids played on the trampoline.  They drug me on after a while, Janora likes me to double-jump her.  =D  I'd almost forgotten how much fun a trampoline was!

A little while later, after Aunt J and family left, we played whiffle ball with Dad's side of the family.  I can tell you there was a lot of laughs! 
Lots of fun.
Here's Uncle C, up to bat.  One-handed!

Our brother pitched for a little while, then Poppy D (Dad's dad) took over, he's a softball legend!  Used to play a long time ago.  
(We were playing with the whiffle balls, cuz they're a good deal softer...)

Our audience and the cheerleading section.

Ma served as a part-time catcher.

And that concludes this post.
I love family get-togethers like this.  These are the kind of memories you can hold onto for years to come!

Thanks for reading!
Fairfarren for now,

Coming next: Knightly Birthday


Sam said...

That looked like so much fun! THanks for posting.
Oh yeah, really neat cake design idea and...I don't mind saying that my mouth literally fell open when I read about Rhen's chocolate upon chocolate upon even more chocolate cake.

3Maidens said...

Thanks, Lady Sam! We had a great time ^ _ ^ I believe Rhen wants to post the recipe for that cake, so be looking for it in the near future (if you wanna know how to make it, of course...) =D

Sam said...

Ooh, yeah, a recipe for that I would want =]. Also if you want any post suggestions (though I know you have several great ones lined up!) I think I speak for all my sisters when I say a video of your sibling band would be great to watch!

3Maidens said...

Really? Herm... Ok, I'll take your request to the band and we'll talk it over... And get back to you on that... *laughs* Ok, we'll see!