Friday, August 3, 2012

Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day

As for me and my family, we support CHIK-FIL-A!

Dan Cathy, CEO of the Chick-Fil-A company and follower of Christ, has taken a stand in defending our faith, fully supporting the Biblical view of marriage and family values.  Because of this, he and his staff in the restaurant chain have been under heavy attack.  Yet they have stood strong, meeting every battle fearlessly and humbly.  In doing so, they have displayed the patient love of Christ, being His hands, mouth, and heart to  those who would spit in their face and shout insults.

On August 1st, 2012, Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas govenor and Fox News host declared a Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day.  The result was incredible!  Lines of people and cars showed up to support the restaurant chain all over the country.  Records were broken and a mass number of chickens sacrificed their lives for this event.  
Our own experience on Wednesday was actually a lot of fun!  Sure, we had to wait an hour or so for our food after ordering, constantly squeezed and jostled a bit by fellow Chik-Fil-A-ians, but it was worth it to see strangers working together chatting, laughing, and handing out straws, napkins, ketchup, etc. while waiting for their own food.  When a Chik-Fil-A worker called out a name announcing that person's order was ready, others would join in until the person was found, then they would clap!
It was a great experience. 

We salute Dan Cathy and his family, staff, and supporters for taking this bold stand!

Now to our pics...
Below, we are pulling into the road beside the restaurant.  

The street leading into the parking lot was blocked off by a police car, who's man was directing traffic.  It was blocked because of an extended drive-thru line of cars.  We had to go the long way around, behind another restaurant called Aubry's and park in the Bi-Lo parking lot.  
I don't know if you can tell, but there's the police car surrounded by cones.

We spotted the Chik-Fil-A-mobile also parked at Bi-Lo, to allow more space in the restaurant's actual parking area.

Here's a line of cars that we were stuck in for a little bit before pulling out and parking at Bi-Lo, which would be to your right.

One of the drive-thru lines...
There were two!

Drive-thru, doubled.

There's Ma and Rhen.  We had just walked up to the door and the line wasn't terribly long...
But wait till you see inside!

This kind gentleman offered those of us waiting in the heat a mint.  You could hear him talking with the customers and every now and then he'd say, "Praise the Lord!"

We are at the door now!

And there you go, this is what greeted us as we stepped inside.
Lots of smiles!

The men and women handling the orders were quick and sufficient.  They would finish with a customer and readily reply, "Can I serve the next guest?"
I love the words and phrases they use.  Have you noticed?  They say "guest," instead of "customer".  "My pleasure," instead of "your welcome."  And "Have a blessed day," instead of "have a good day."

There's Ma and our brother-knight, waiting on our order.  We ordered almost as soon as we entered, but it took an hour to get out food.
We met a very nice gentlemen who paid for our brother's meal!  Turns out, he goes to a church in Georgia (but lives in TN), plays a trumpet in their orchestra, and was asked by his pastor (along with fellow members) to go to Chik-Fil-A and show their support, but to also buy someone else's meal.  And that's what he did!  
The lady to the left of Ma, was a fervent helper in handing out straws and napkins, to those who couldn't quite make it to that area.  We stood beside her for the greater part of our wait, laughing and helping out.

And that's our Chik-Fil-A experience.  Of course, this won't be the last time we eat there, I'm sure.  They've got some good chicken!  

Help make a stand!

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Thanks for reading!
Elisera, Supporter of Chik-Fil-A

Love your enemies, and chickens, hate the sin.

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Sammy and Missy Parris said...

Wow it was a packed house. We tried to go about 3 or 4 and thought maybe it wouldn't be too crowded but it WAS VERY CROWDED!!! So we thought drive thru since I had 3 little ones that weren't really in the best of moods having slept though lunch and hadn't ate since about 10 (BAD Mommy , I know) then the van started overheating so no drive thru for us and no Chick Fil A at all that day but we tried and really wanted to be there. LOVE that so many came out to show their support!!!! You all were only about 5-10 minutes from our house. Would have been so neat to have shown up the same time as your family but as crowded as it was it might have been hard to even talk or realize that both families were even there with all those people. That was neat that the man payed for your brothers meal!!! Have a great weekend!!! Missy