Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Epic Christmas!

Who doesn't love Christmas music?
Here is a song of epic quality composed by a talented young man; see if you can hear, and name, all the different Christmas songs!

There is a link to the composer, Mr. Hudelson's, website on the sidebar if you would like to learn more about him and his music, or, you can click here.

Merry Christmas!


Abigail said...

I love the song! Do you know the his family? It's a small world because we've known them for about 10 years! We went to church with them for a long time and are still great friends! My Dad filmed a movie they made, as well :)

Lady Catlia said...

No, we do not know the Hudelsons. I found his music after watching a video for which he composed the music. His score for Act Like Men is amazing!
It is a small world!