Monday, December 24, 2012

How Many Kings

Merry Christmas Eve!

As you spend time with family, keep in mind the reason we celebrate Christmas, the reason for our giving of gifts, and the absolute beauty of that reason.  Sure, it sounds cliche, but Jesus truly is the greatest gift ever given, and that is a truth that can stand to be repeated.  How loved we are!

How many kings do you know who would trad their all for you?
I know of only one.

How Many Kings, by Downhere.

All glory, honor, and praise be unto the King of kings forevermore!



Sam said...

I like all the songs you've been posting =].
I was afraid after Sarah started her own (very fun to read) blog, that this one would suffer. But you've done a great job taking "her place" Julia! =D

Sarah Dake said...

I have been forcing myself to take the time to put something on the blog, even if it is just a song. Thanks again, we'll have to coerce Jenny into doing some more art soon! :)

Sam said...

Hear hear!