Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Fan Art

Another picture from the Wingfeather Saga. This time of Peet the Sock Man.

"But Peet shook his head violently. He scooted back against the wall of the tree house and fixed them all with such a look of terror that Janner leapt to his feet."

I know he looks sad, but wait till I put up his "normal" picture... As soon as I draw it.
I hope you like it. This time I did a more sketchy look and a simple, squiggly background.
Constructive criticism is welcome!

"Worried? Not at all, young Wingiby. I've burned down my castle three times before, and I've always survived. I'm not borried a wit. Worried a bit. But this time I think I figured out the problem, see, problem, see, problem, see."
Peet sings after being asked if he was worried about burning down his tree castle.
If you want the real thing go read the book!

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Sam said...

It's great, Jenny! Something about his face and his hat make me think Who's from Whoville. :D I like it a lot. Do you plan on doing one of him in bird form?