Friday, December 14, 2012


Unless you have been particularly busy, or, perhaps, are blissfully ignorant, you have most likely heard of the tragedy that today struck a small town in Connecticut.

There is something about the death of children that hurts us in a way nothing else can.  Something about it breaks our heart and touches our innermost being.

Many people are asking the simple, and yet so difficult to answer, question: Why?

The death of innocence is a terrible thing; but, to tell the truth, that happened thousands of years ago at an incident referred to as the Fall.  All the evil, pain, suffering we experience is a direct result of Mankind's decision to rebel against God (check out the book of Genesis), and there is no way around this fact.

But we can rest assured that there is hope, because this is not the end for the children of God.

Sarah wrote a simple post over on her new blog that I believe sums it all up.  Why not click on over there and read?


While you do that, please pray for the families that have been affected by this horrifying tragedy.  And remember, God is in control.


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Hannah said...

I know! It's absolutely horrible! My mom has talked a lot about it since she heard about it. It's super sad. :(