Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jamin!

Yesterday, our little brother turned 17.  

It seems just a few days ago, we were teasing him of his dimples and height.  Then out of the blue, he's taller than us and we rely on him (and our daddy, of course) as our protector and friend.  He does so much around the house and on the farm, we [I] usually take him for granted.

I'm so glad God blessed me with a brother and sisters!  I know for a fact, I would be a terribly, lonely, miserable creature had I been an only child.  I guess God knew what I needed, and in His mercy, granted it.

Thank you just doesn't quite cover it, does it?

But He understands.


Happy Birthday, Sir Jamin!

We love you!

Your sisters,
Sarah, Jenny, & Julia

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Jody said...

Actually, Sarah, I think it was just yesterday we were teasing him about his dimples... :) Yes, he is a wonderful young man. You are very fortunate and blessed. He is too, to have such lovely, wonderful, encouraging, and helpful sisters. Love you all,