Saturday, February 2, 2013


We had our fifth Upward Basketball game this morning.  It went rather well.  Jen and I were very pleased with the way our team played today.  One of our best players, Tom, scored a last-second "half-court" shot just as the buzzer went off in the final segment.  The crowd went wild! (We don't keep score in the 1st-2nd division, however.)  It was great, anyway.  Our game was at 10 a.m. and at halftime I gave my testimony.  Afterwards, we stayed to watch our little cousin's game in the 3rd-4th grade division, and during that hour we had a surprise.  

It snowed!

And actually stuck to the ground!

Everybody was excited, the kids mainly, the adults wondering if we could make it home without trouble.  Jamin and our other cousin R had a small snowball fight.  R was so excited.  On the ride home - let me just say, we took it SLOW.  I believe our speed was 35 in a 55 mph zone.  We made it safely, despite the reports of multiple wrecks, and a little slip-n-sliding.

I took a few pics to share with you.

Yeah, yeah, it's just barely an inch, but we were excited nonetheless!

My horse, Comet, being bored.  Poor Comet...

This is a birdbath, by the way.  It does contain water, frozen solid with a nice layering of snow.

Ah, yes.  A mighty rock.  Speaking of rocks....


Haha! *wipes away tears*  There was your random pic of the day.

I just like this one.

And there you have it.  Our snow day!

Hope your day is as beautiful as ours!

For those of you in the snow out and about, whether playing or driving, keep safe!

Fairfarren, dear readers,

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Nightingale said...

How lovely for you all! Snow is so fun!
We just had our first real snow day this year too. (We got more! =p)
Glad to hear you all had such a wonderful day!