Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daddy-Daughter Date

 Last Friday, our daddy took us out on a date.  Traditionally, every Spring we attend the Daddy-Daughter Dance at the local high school.  But the last few years, it's just not been worth it.  We don't care for the modern songs by Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.  And though they usually play some of the classics such as Daddy's Hands by Holly Dunn and maybe Butterfly Kisses, the other songs and "entertainment" has not made it enjoyable, at least for us.  For example, one year they had an Elvis impersonator... Yup, you read right.  And another year they had some guy in a chicken suit.  Seriously.

We're kinda old-fashioned, if you haven't figured that out yet...

Anyway, Dad had the idea of skipping this year's dance, which would have been our fourteenth straight year of attending, and go on a date instead.

Maiden Photography
So, that's what we did!  It was great!  We girls had a wonderful time with just us and our daddy.  He bought us a beautiful bouquet of flowers with three roses (for three girls) and lilies, then took us to Ruby Tuesdays, a real treat.

After that, it was on to the Art Center where they were hosting a concert by a group of musician/singers called Harpeth Rising.  They specialize in the violin (whose player sang and played at the same time), the cello (with great percussion every now and then), a banjo (which you don't usually see together with the classical instruments...), and a percussionist.  Three women, one man - who after graduating college hit the road with their instruments and have been playing ever since.  Very talented, they are.  Very.  Awesome music.  Though I must warn you, their style is folk.  And if you know folk, well, the songs can be rather... bizarre.  But the music made up for the weirdness.  =D

Below, you can see a pic of us all decked out and dressy.

I was so excited!  I had saved up to buy a really nice dress and found this one on Etsy, custom made from Ukraine.  (I did pay a little extra to get the red flax instead of cotton.)  Yes, the style is medieval - 13th to the 14th century to be exact.  ;D  I love it! and plan to wear it sometime for VBS this year - the Kingdom Chronicles!

We had a great time, and concluded the evening with a stop by the gas station for a couple Yoohoos, some juice (for Ju), and a chocolate milk - oh, and some doughnut holes.  By the way, if you have never had a Yoohoo, you are missing out!  It's my favorite chocolate drink!!!

Anyway, we had a wondrous time.  The food was delicious, the concert was great, and hey, what better way to top it off then with a Yoohoo?  We have the best daddy in the world!

(L to R) Sarah, Daddy, Jenny, and Julia

We love you, Dad!  Thank you for a great date. 

And thanks to you, dear readers, for stopping by!

Coming next, our trip to the mountains: Sunday Hike.

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Sammy and Missy Parris said...

What a wonderful time!!! From start to finish it sounds wonderful!!! You all look so beautiful too. Your Daddy does a great job showing you how young ladies should be treated. Say Hello to your Mom, she hasn't posted in way too long!!! Blessings, Missy