Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Blog Design!

At last!  After long hours of construction, our new blog design is officially complete!!!

All thanks go to the lovely Storyteller for the beautiful design.  We love and appreciate all she has done for us!  She put up with my consistent emails, nagging, and "what about?" questions for almost two weeks.  Maybe even more that that, I don't remember - I was a nervous wreck and felt terrible about all my many suggestions and "could you change this to this, oh, and what if you did this?"  But she stuck with us and we haven't stopped sending virtual hugs her way!

We can't thank you enough, Storyteller!

<( ^^ )> 
*Kirby hug*


Katie Sabelko said...

The new design is gorgeous! Love the colors!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Why, thank you, Katie! <3

Sam said...

I love it! So which "maiden" is which in the header? Is it...Julia, Sarah, Jenny?

Sammy and Missy Parris said...

I think it looks great and Sarah's blog too. We need a redo of the ole family blog. Missy

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Sam! Yep, each of the maidens represent us three - you had it right! Julia, Sarah, Jenny. Storyteller didn't even know what we looked like when she picked out the pictures! But she got it right! Well, pretty close; I did say they represent us... I wish my hair was as long as the brown-haired maiden... Ah well, thanks for commenting!

And thank you, Mrs. Parris! By the way, Storyteller designs for free!!