Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunday Hike (Belated)

Here are the promised pics from our Sunday get-away.  Because of the gorgeous day, perfect weather, and friendly company, we took a drive to the mountains.

Don't you just love mountain rivers?

We hiked to a waterfall and back, then drove to the campground, where we played frisbee and tag.  The following pics are from the waterfall hike.

Here's Jen and Ju.  =D

 Made it!  It was a good climb to get where Jen, Ju, Jamin, and cousin R are.  But we did it!  Even me!  And I'm terrified of heights...

The pool where the waterfalls flows into is a good swimming hole, according to the cousins.  (This was our first hike to the place.)  The water was clear and blue, though you probably can't tell in the pictures...  Below, there is a pic of just the pool.

I rather liked this one of Julia.

Here's a look from the top of the falls.  Please excuse the blur...

My lovely Keen shoes.  VERY comfortable.

I love taking pics of trees.  These two were growing in a gradual spiral. 

Here is the swimming hole!  Not sure the exact depth, but deep enough to jump in from the rocks on top.  (I wouldn't jump off of 'em, though... Yes, I admit, too chicken to try such a daring feat.)  ;D

This is K and her Baby W.  He was tickling her with the hemlock twig and laughing.  It was adorable!

As you can see, he's got some great expressions.

I had to get this one.  Too funny!  This is cousin S with Baby W.  When you are climbing downhill with a baby in your arms, you need a free hand.  So, he stuck the pacy handle in his mouth as he descended.

The campgrounds have a nice little playground for the kids.  And let me tell you, you can never get too old for the swings!

The last three pics are of the Bloodroot flower.  If you dig up the roots of these flowers and cut them open, they leak a red-orange juice, hence the name.  If I remember correctly, I think the Native Indians used the juice as paint.

We had never seen Bloodroot flowers with a purple tint.  These were beautiful!

This is the flower in full bloom.  You can find it featured at DeviantART.

And that concludes this post of our hike.  I apologize for the wait... It was almost three weeks ago when we went.  *heheh*

Thanks for stopping by!

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Jody said...

It was such a wonderful time! Your pictures are great! Julia's is too cute, and the ones with K and baby W are priceless! Good job!
In His Grace,