Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm sorry, I don't speak txt...



It's another RANDOM post!

But first, before we get to the randomness... Today is our mother's birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Mama!

We love and appreciate all you do for us, even though at times we forget to show it.
You put up with our moods, attitudes, and behavior, and know us better than anyone (except our King, of course).
Thank you for being there!

Love always,
SarahJenny, and Julia


So, can you guess from the title what our subject is today?

We three maidens had this conversation just this morning, and what do you know, the urge to share it with you, dear readers, hit me like a frisbee (well, not literally), and in all actuality it was almost a passing thought.


As to the conversation, our mother received a text from a good friend asking for her to call ayc.  Well, we poor, naive maidens were at a loss wondering in vain as to what those three little letters could possibly mean.  So, we wracked our little brains trying to figure it out and came up with:

a yellow cat
all young cuckatoos

and eventually settled on 

awesome yodeling caribous.

Until, Ma called her friend and finally asked the meaning, therefore bursting our virtual bubble and otherwise deflating our brilliant ideas.

Do you know what it means?  Sure you do.  "At your convenience."  

Other "words" we struggle with are:

TY  -  thank you
YW  -  you're welcome
@TEOTD  -  at the end of the day
2NTE  -  tonight
2GTBT  -  too good to be true
B4N  -  bye for now
CM  -  call me

and SO much more.  I mean, come on, how long does it take to just type the sentence out??  Exactly how many abbreviations do we need in our vocabulary?  I've only now come to understand "IDK" and "TTYL."

Must the English language become even more confusing?  I have a hard enough time SPEAKING correctly.

In my opinion, I think we should learn Elvish.  Yup.  You read me.

So anyway, in concluding this educational post, I am sharing with you this video.  It is none other than a VeggieTales Silly Song that fits this subject all too well.  =]  


Silly Song with Best Friends Forever from the episode The Penniless Princess.

Hope this brightens your day!



Jody said...

Thank you my dear lovely daughters! You are just too funny! You certainly didn't need to put my b-day on here, but thank you for everything! Loved our pizza lunch-you know I love Pizza Hut! Thank you for my wonderful gifts as well! Love you all!!!

In His Grace,

Sammy and Missy Parris said...

I don't speak that strange language either, you actually know a bunch more than I do. I do want to tell your Mom HAPPY, HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! Please tell her I hope her day was wonderful!!!! Pizza, is always a great way to celebrate. Tell her I will forever remember her birthday because it is the day before our anniversary!!! TTYL< Missy