Saturday, July 20, 2013

May the Force be with you...

LEGO Star Wars

For my little cousin's 7th birthday, I made a Lego brick cake.  As usual, I am always worrying something terrible would happen and the cake wouldn't turn out JUST like I wanted it.  But there was no need to worry with this one.  With a total of four cake mixes and three 2lb bags of powdered sugar, it is needless to say, we had plenty of cake for everyone.  Below, you can see the size of the cake compared to Keljan's older sister's hands.

Alas, I cannot take credit for the cake idea.  It came from *gasp* Pinterest.  Surprised? ;D

As part of our gift to K, we bought a Star Wars set complete with a pilot, fighter plane, some alien guy (that I don't know his name), and Han Solo, who you will see later.

I used the little pilot to hold the seventh candle as a torch.  Yes... another idea inspired by Pinterest.

The alien dude and fighter.

Can I just go on and say most of our... well, actually everything, came from Pinterest ideas.

Below, plastic table cloths for ceiling decor.

A beach ball painted with silver spray paint, and hand-painted black markings, by none other than the talented Lady Jen.

Let's just say, spray paint and beach balls do not go well together.  Even after allowing ample time for the paint to dry, it never did.  The website from which we borrowed this idea used a giant paper lantern, but since we couldn't find one big enough, we tried the beach ball.  I would recommend the paper lantern.

Still, for what we were doing, it was a creative addition to our decorations.

Julia's workmanship.

The following pics have to be my favorites.  Using my awesome Star Jedi font, which I downloaded for free from, Jen and I made labels for each of our themed foods.

Julia made the delicious cinnamon rolls for Princess Leia's hair buns.

And this, I believe, is my absolute favourite of everything we did.  Partly because Han Solo is a favourite character and maybe because it is such a brilliant idea.  Who comes up with this stuff?! 

K couldn't wait to get the little Han out of his carbonite Jello prison.

Next we have the Hawaiian punches, dubbed...

Super easy recipes.  Just take the Hawaiian punch with your choice of color, add one 2-Lt bottle of Sprite (or off-brand lemon-lime soda) to the one gallon punch, mix, then scoop sherbet into punch bowls and serve.  You can find the full recipe here.

In the pic below, K was so excited all he could do was the Darth Vader breathing as we sang to him.

And here is the happy birthday boy blowing out his candles.

What b-day party is complete without pizza?  Aunt J and Uncle K treated everybody to Little Caesar's, which has just re-opened in town this year.  

The birthday boy with his sisters and cousins R and C.

Such a great party!  I think he had fun.  I think.  =D

After the meal was consumed and K had opened his gifts, the kids were given goodie bags filled with doo-dads, thingamabobs, confetti shooters, and mini cherry bombs.  They had a blast with those things.

 We fellowshipped a bit longer and played a couple games, including Spoons with K's new set of Star Wars cards.  Lots of fun!  If you don't know the game of Spoons, you are missing out.

All in all, it was great!  I wonder what next year's theme will be??



Ashlin said...

Looks like a great party! You girls went all out! Not a great party without Spoons either!

Sam said...

All that food....yum!