Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Artsy Wednesday

It's another one! Yay!
Don't just love these? Yeah, I know. I'm your guyses favorite blog poster person. =)

In all seriousness, I am thrilled to post my pictures here for you. 
Oh, how I love to draw! 
If anyone is an artist out there, I would so appreciate tips and constructive criticism. 

Anyway, you only get one picture... again.
Sorry! I haven't  done a whole lot of digital drawing, well any kind of drawing in a bit.

Yeah, he's not as cute as last weeks picture.
I hope you liked it anyway!
Until next week, my beautiful horde!

Lady Jenny


Nightingale said...

Nice, Jenny! I do look forward to these Wednesday posts. :) I'm not an artist by any stretch but I like the colors and porportions on this nameless (to us anyway) dude. Keep it up!


Jenny Dake said...

Why, thank you, my dear Lady Risa!
You are right, the poor bloke doesn't have a name... I dub him Ferdinand.