Friday, October 4, 2013

Lucifer's Lies [Church Drama]

After a one year break, our church is now nearing the first performance of six (maybe seven) of a drama production called Lucifer's Lies.  This is our sixth season in producing this particular drama, which has evolved year after year.  In the 2011 post, I remember saying that it would be the best of all, but now I find myself repeating the exact same -- this will be the best.  =]

As the poster above says, Lucifer's Lies is a spiritual warfare drama depicting the physical and spiritual battles that rage for the precious souls of the lost.  I cannot wait to see the results of our work!  Please note: because of the intensity of this production, we do not recommend children ages ten and under to attend.  We have limited seating, so you are required to have reservations.  
Also, it is FREE!  Admission is of no cost whatsoever!  But you must have reservations.

The performances are:
Friday, October 19th @ 7pm
Saturday, Oct. 20th @ 3pm & 7pm
Friday, Oct. 25th @ 7pm
Saturday, Oct. 26th @ 7pm
Sunday, Oct. 27th @ 3pm

Please don't miss out!  You will be blessed!

This all takes place at the Athens City Middle School (200 Keith Lane, Athens, TN 37303).
Contact Clearwater Baptist Church at their offices, (423)744.7147 or make online reservations at the church website, here.

If you are even in the least bit interested, call now!  Seats are filling up fast.

We are so excited! My sisters and I are performing as our "dance" group, Undivided, among other various mini parts--Bible characters, speaking part (Jenny), and fill-ins.  So, if you attend, look us up!  We hope to see you there!



Hannah said...

Wish I could go, but I don't think I'll be around TN at that time... :( oh well, break a leg! :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Aww... =[ Thanks, anyway! ^__^