Monday, January 27, 2014

Artsy Monday

Well, hello!

We have had semi-busy past week.
 I don't know who all knows, but our Aunt miscarried her baby boy at 18 weeks.
It has been quite difficult for our family.
Please just keep our Uncle K, Aunt J, and little ones in your prayers.

Well, here are pictures I took on some walks we took on warmer days.

I bet you didn't know I could take pictures... Well, I guess it really isn't that hard.
All you do is point and push a button.
Anyone can do it really.

But, I did a pretty good job, right?

I love getting the detailed, close-up shots.

I have decided I love the lighting of sunsets and mornings for picture taking.

Our beautiful barn above our grandparents.
The roof was recently repainted (like three months ago) by Lady Julia, Poppy, and Mr. O'D (a friend of Poppy's)

My Favorite picture!

Bonus pictures!

These are commission pictures for a young lady that I did.
Lady Julia also did a couple pictures for her.
We'll get those up soon.

Have a wonderful week!

Lady Jenny

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