Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Artsy Wednesday

It is Artsy Time!
Today you get to meet my quiet fellow...

As you can see in the next picture he is a mime.

For being someone who doesn't talk, he is really loud.

Wow, this was two years ago.
I tend to give to give advice to movie characters.
Don't worry, I'm not as loud as I used to be.
Oh, and the comic is real events.
I did find a HUGE spider when we were watching Star Wars and I did slay it.

I just wanted to draw a chibi superhero and made this little bloke on the spot.
Note the absolutely horrific perspective and building.

I decided I needed to draw a better drawing of him and dubbed him The Mangler.
I can't remember how he got the name and he is a good guy.
Kinda like Batman.

Oh my, oh my, oh my!
It's my comic I am still working on.
I thought the story up while I was raking hay.

You'll meet the superhero later.

Our brother, Sir Jamin, played on our church's softball team.

This is Jazz (our cousins' cat), we were keeping him while they were getting settled in their new home.
Almost the entire time I was taking pictures he would come and get in the way.
He thought I needed to get pictures of him.

Meh, I don't know who this is but I want a costume like that!
By the way, she is wearing a mask.

Likewise, I don't who this is.
I think I've told you that I tend to create random people.
That is some beautiful hair, tho'.

I started to paint this, but didn't, tho' I would like to.

Heehee, when  I get tired I draw like this.

This time Jazz just laid down right in front of my sketchbook.
Picture taking was postponed for a little bit.

You may be starting to realize that when I draw funny comics it's quite random.
Heehee, I like this one.

Another super hero.
 I bet you can guess who he is based off of.
I like Super Dude better, I'm not a fan of Superman.

Well, that's it for today!
Have a wonderful week!

Lady Jenny

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