Monday, April 28, 2014


New poem by me, Sarah. 


God of My Praise
Psalm 109:1

Though stormy waters of life I face
And trials by fire I daily race;
Though friends betray and family falls,
And for faith I'm bound in prison walls;
Still I pray my song shall be
To God my King in whom I'm free.
Though beaten and bruised in shackles of sin,
My hope is, and will, remain in Him.
He who has defeated Death,
And in whom I draw my every breath.
I trust all to Him, my hands I raise,
For He, alone, is God of my praise.


Nightingale said...

Lovely poem of praise, Sarah! And what a beautiful Psalm it draws from. He, alone, is God of our praise.

Lauriloth said...

Beautiful! You are so talented!

Oh, and I loooved the drawings from your last post. I didn't know you drew as well! Your family is just made up of talented people!!

(Also, Avatar and Sokka FTW!)

Jody Dake said...

Such a beautiful poem Sarah! I am so very proud of you!


Heather said...

What a lovely poem! I enjoy writing poetry too. Very neat!