Monday, May 19, 2014


This poem was inspired by a heart-breaking tragedy that turned into glorious rejoicing among God's children.

One week ago from this past Saturday, May 10th (the day before Mother's Day), a family suffered the loss of their home and everything therein to a fire.  Among the lost possessions and items, including two vehicles, was the precious life of a 18-month-old baby girl.  Despite the death of their daughter and the overwhelming sadness, the parents remain strong and steadfast in their faith, portraying the perfect example of followers of Christ Jesus.

At the funeral, Saturday, May 17th, the father stood and preached the Gospel to those attending, then sang the beautiful hymn, "It Is Well."  Oh, to have such faith!  By the time the service ended, there was great rejoicing at the harvest of seven souls, and many more re-dedications!  Have you ever heard of that happening at a funeral?  How I wish we could have seen it!

God's grace still amazes me.  He used a horrific tragedy to bring others to know Him.

Please keep this sweet family of eight in your prayers.  Though God has provided every possible need, they still crave your prayers.  Many thanks to you, prayer warriors!


Heavy Heart

My heavy heart is burdened, Lord!
When precious life abruptly ends, 
And we are left to journey forward
Thru pain and trial, frail faith defends.

Tho' Death has lost Your battle fought,
He seems to reign on Earth, yet still;
For every day, lives are o'erwrought
And grief abounds in Death's cold chill.

When cancer takes young mother away,
And children are left to grieve and mourn;
When humanity argues, rights to sway,
And women give in to slaughter unborn.

When feeble body succumbs to age,
And dying woman with family surround
Sees Jesus free her from fleshly cage,
To welcome her home--wisdom now crowned.

When father must bury his baby girl;
In the midst of tears, he takes control,
Speaks forth Christ's truth, sacred pearl,
Then sings, "It is well, it is well with my soul!"

Oh, such faith, I could only wish for!
To sing despite doubt and despair;
To show the love and peace You store,
And help the hurting, their load to share.

My God, my God, I see Your face!
Heavy heart of mine, in Love do dwell.
Still, I sing Your amazing Grace,
And oh! my soul, it is well! It is well!


Poem written by Sarah Dake.
Photo via Pinterest.


Lauriloth said...

Oh my goodness, that is so sad! Definitely will be praying for them!

The poem was beautiful, nearly brought tears to my eyes. Isn't it amazing what God can do? He is so good!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thank you, dear Laurie! Your prayers are much appreciated! <3

Yes! My God is good! :D