Monday, June 16, 2014

Face Time - #2

Hello, neglected readers of the Maidens' blog!

Sarah has been diligent and consistent in keeping up with her personal blog, but, alas, she can only do so much, whilst Jenny and I fail to put as much effort into the blogging realm as she.  :P

Anywho, here is the much belated sequel to my first Face Time post.  

(As a side, I had attempted to post this months ago, and spent a good while photographing these, as well as other, pictures in my sketchbook.  However, when I went to put them on the computer, none of the photos turned out and I gave up.)

And there it is: Face Time #2!

I love this little lady's impish features!  She reminds me of Merida from the movie Brave...

Love-struck is the word that comes to mind with this girl.

The purpose of my Face Time pages is to help me draw my characters with more diversity and expression.  I think I did fairly well with this shy fella.

Rather peeved-lookin', isn't he?  Makes me think of the new BBC's Mycroft Holmes.


Aaaaand, here's an extra drawing for your enjoyment. ^.^

When I was younger, I went through a stage where I drew dragons ALL the TIME.  While I have branched out to different subjects, dragons do manage to pop up every now and then.

Have a blessed day!


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