Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fallen Giant

A couple weeks ago, during a particular heavy rain, we found this beautiful cedar had fallen.  It was so tall and pretty, nothing was wrong with it.  It was very much alive.  But, the location of its roots were mud, mud, and more mud.  And maybe a bit more of something else... So, after the rain soaked the ground and the wind pushed and pulled its branches, I guess it finally gave in.  Anyway, here are some pics.

Our grandparents, who own our farm, were away for the week, so we called in our neighbors/relatives to help us out.
This pic below shows how long (tall) it is.  We had a barb wire fence attached to its trunk, so when it fell, it pulled the wire with it.  I don't know if you can tell, but the cedar is laying across a ditch.

This is our great-Uncle Bo.  (He did most of the sawing.)

That's another neighbor/cousin with Uncle Bo, I'll call him G.B.

That's the root ball of the giant, it was approximately 30 feet in height.

Once Uncle Bo sawed through the trunks (there were two that made up the one tree), and sawed a little more, the remainder of the trunks with the root ball finally popped back into place.

The wires are hard to see, but this pic and the next show how stretched they were.

Here you can see the rings of the tree and the cedar's signature color.  I love the smell!

I love this pic in particular, because I love taking close-ups. =D

This is the back of the big barn, where the Holstein calves are kept.  We were to the left working on the tree.

And here's the finished repair job.

The workers and "supervisors."  *laughs*  Most of us, including me, just stood around while the men worked.

Say hello to our new barn kitty!  We named her Pari (pro. PAH-ree), which means "fairy" in Arabic.  She's really small, and, as you can see, has not tail.  She's the sweetest thing, and makes a pretty good playmate for Sable.

This is the kitties favorite napping basket.  I have a pic of both of them in there, but this one just has Pari.

Well, that's all for this post!
Have a great day!!

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