Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine Project (a little late)

We had Upward basketball practice on Valentine's Day, so with the help of my brother, I made little Valentine goodie bags.  I was very pleased with the finished product and I think the kids liked them as well.  

The supplies:
bag of asorted candies (we had Reeses, KitKats, and Hershey bars)
Blow Pop suckers, or any other kind
red cardstock paper
plastic Valentine tablecloth
Sharpie marker

It was my brother's idea to use a plastic tablecloth to make the goodie "bag."  In vain, I had tried to find regular baggies at local stores, and then he points to the table cover.  We paid $0.97.

He cut up the tablecloth into square/rectangles while I made these liddle beauties.  On one side, I wrote "You are loved," and on the other I put John 3:16, but instead of writing "For God so loved the world," I put the name of each player: "For God so loved (insert name here)..."  =D


I used a heart hole-puncher on the cardstock hearts, and threaded them onto the ribbon once I had it tied.  Then I finished with a bow and curled the remaining strands.

And there you have it!

For those who do not know, my sisters and I coach a 1st-2nd grade basketball team through a program called Upward.  We have eight precious team members and I've enjoyed every practice and game we've made it through.  We are now coming to the end of this season, but I won't hesitate to sign up again next year!
Upward is a Christian ministry which allows us as a church body to spread the gospel through basketball and reach children (and parents) who would otherwise never hear it.
Upward is also involved in many other sports such as: baseball, soccer, football, dance, and cheerleading.
If you would like to learn more about this incredible ministry, please visit their site at upward.org.

Thanks for reading!
Lady Elisera

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