Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random - Calves, Creation, & Cat's Tongues

I meant to post these pics earlier, but totally forgot...
Meet Timothy!  Isn't he cute?  Long story short, mommy cow had twins but only accepted one thereby abandoning this little guy... =[  We found him all alone in the field, and after several attempts to find his mother, I ended up with him in my lap on the four-wheeler.  Of course, someone else was driving, my bro I think.  
He was born before Christmas and we raised him on a bottle.  Now, he has been weaned and is a good bit bigger than the pics below, which were taken sometime in January.  
Yes, it was my idea to give him the bandanna, how'd you know?  =D

Comfortably content to suck your fingers, hands, shoes, laces, zippers, pant legs, etc...

 The next four pics were taken on a walk to our Secret Garden.  Yes, it is a secret - but everyone knows about it.
In our Garden, you can find over 70 different species of wildflowers naturally growing on our farm.  I'll try to post pics every now and then throughout the spring, just to give you an idea of the varieties.
Below is my sparkly rock.  Quartz.  We have tons of these babies all over the place.  I like how they shine. =]

Next, is Spring Beauty, one of the earlier blooming beauties.

This is Round Lobed Hepatica.  You can't see the leaves of the plant, but they are round green-purplish lobes for which the plant is named.

I just liked this pic and had to post it.  It is a white oak growing on nothing other than a big boulder.

And finally, I wanted to share pics of our crazy cat.  Her name is Nala, and she enjoys boxes of all shapes and sizes, among other playthings such as a ball or two of yarn, buttons, your hands, pant leg, pens, or wires.  She also loves for you to hold her while walking around the house and is content to sit in your lap whether you want her to or not, no matter what it is you are doing.
Oh, and another unique thing about our kitty is her tongue.  I may have mentioned this before, or posted it already, but instead of a regularly shaped tongue, hers has two little humps that look like the number "3" but flipped horizontally.  Does that make sense?

Her napping poses are the best.

See! There's her tongue!!

Well, that's my random post of the month, seeing as how I haven't done one in quite a while...
Until next time!


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