Monday, June 25, 2012

Vacation Bible School 2012 (Part 1)

Welcome, dear friends!  Wow.  It seems like it's been forever since last we've posted... 
These past few weeks have been CRAZY!
Our Arizonian family came in just in time for Vacation Bible School, which began June 3rd and ended on the 8th.  We had a blast.  I have many, many pictures to share with you; so many, that I've divided this post into two parts.

So, Part 1.

Our church chose to try Answers in Genesis' Incrediworld Amazement Park, which dug deep into the Creation story and taught on having a Biblical worldview, seeing the world through the Bible.  Hopefully, it helped some of the kids to have a firmer foundation in our faith.  Dinosaurs were, of course, a big part of this program.  I believe the kids learned a lot of facts that they didn't know before.  I know we did.  By the end of the week, they were talking about how humans and dinos actually roamed the earth together, a fact that the Bible states clearly.  (See Job 40:15-24 and 41:1-10)

We sisters were very involved in this year's VBS.
 First, we were asked to do the music for that week, which was great, I loved the songs!  Second, we were also in charge of the preschool crafts.  And let me tell you, you cannot go wrong with preschoolers.  They were great, you'll get to see a few pics of our little pupils.  And third, we were challenged with the project of painting the WHOLE stage set.
This post centers on the hours spent painting.
All in all, it took approximately 15 hours to complete.
We had so much fun!
And now, you get to see the result of our work.

Here is the stage set, after being rolled with the base coats of paint.  Mister JM, our Children's Ministry director built everything, from the set you see below to a couple signs, a Ferris wheel and our very own dino, whose name was dubbed Steve (by JM's little daughter).

We had a picture to go by.  
Below, Catlia is drawing an ocean wave where a couple dolphins and some birds will be.

Rhen drew out the dolphins and birds with chalk first, then painted.
Catlia followed after with highlights and a bit of shading.

Here's our dino!
JM's kids, T and C, helped out on the set painting base coats on the dino, two signs, and a few other things. They and another family were a big help.  We just had to worry about the little details, like painting the big logo.

Here's Steve before he was painted.

Steve being painted by Catlia.

The finished Steve!
Doesn't he look great?
C, JM's daughter wanted to hang him up in her room after VBS was over.  I'm not sure if her wish was granted because another church already had dibs on the set even before we finished painting.
I can tell you, after all that we did, we were very happy that is wasn't going to be used just one time.

Rhen and her birdies.

Ah.  Here was the fun part...
Using a light projector, we traced the logo in chalk and then proceeded to paint.  This took the longest, I believe.

Goofy Rhen!

Oh, there's me, on the floor!  And yes, I am wearing an old apron.  Didn't want to get paint on the capris I was wearing, because that kind of paint DOESN'T COME OFF.  I wasn't exactly prepared that day.  Catlia was.  She had on her paint pants from when we painted the Children's Wing mural and few years ago.

Here's T, JM's oldest, working hard on the boards that would go on top of the set.  You'll see them in later pics, just look for yellow and blue diamonds.

Still working on the main part.  My job was the lettering and the white outline that you will see later.

Loved the giraffe.

And long-neck.  Sorry, I'm afraid I would mess up terribly with the true name of this dino... so, long-neck it is. *grins*

Haha.  Caught her in a deer-in-the-headlights look.

Catlia was in charge of the world.
Haha.  Get it?
Sounds like she was in charge, you know, ruler of... ah, nevermind.


Yay!  The finished result!
Watcha think?

The complete set.  I don't know if you can tell, but there's three hot air balloons in there.  Made of blown up balloons plastered in paper mâché, completed with little decorative buckets.  The purple one is closest.

The Ferris wheel is one of my favorites.  It actually moves!
Do you see Rhen's jellyfish?  She was very proud of her Squishy.

And here we are, the builder and painters.
Mister JM on the far left, then me, Rhen, and Catlia.

And that concludes Part 1 of VBS 2012.

Check back soon!
Fairfarren for now,


Sammy and Missy Parris said...

Ladies, You did an amazing job!! What a talent. We love everything from Answers In Genesis. I heard they had VBS stuff but haven't seen it up close yet. I'm sure you enjoyed it. Looking forward to part 2. Missy

Ashlin said...

You beautiful girls did a beautiful job! The finished worked is exceptional, I can tell you put a lot of work into it. Thanks for all the pics you shared. I can't wait to see the rest of your VBS experience!
Tell your cousins we say "Hi"!

lynette said...

Wow! That looks great!

Emily Miller said...

That is so beautiful! So glad you guys have found the talent that God has given you!

Jody said...

Girls I continue to tell you how richly God has blessed you! Your art work looks so professional! You did a wonderful job, as always! I am so very proud of you! And I'm NOT just saying that because you are mine! *grin* You make our Savior proud in all you do! I Love you!
Always Experiencing Him,
Jody aka Mom

3Maidens said...

Thanks to our dear readers for your sweet comments! It means a lot to know what we do is appreciated. Thanks again!
Elisera, Rhen, & Catlia