Tuesday, July 3, 2012

VBS 2012 (Part 2)

Welcome back!
Now for Part 2 of VBS 2012.
Just a quick over-view of the days:
The nights began at 6pm and ended roughly around 9pm.  Director JM would usually begin with an introduction of the night and what was going on.  Example: Day 1 was Creation Day, Day 2: Biblical Worldview Day, Day 3: Gospel Day, Day 4: Design Day, Day 5: (all of the kids favorite) Dino Day!, and Day 6: Family Night.

I think I mentioned before, but anyway, we were in charge of the music and preschool crafts.  Though I mainly worked with the songs, Catlia  was all about the crafts and Rhen was wherever she was needed.  ^ _ ^  
We chose to do only four out of the ten songs, because of time.  They were: Incrediworld Amazement Park (theme), Simple As That, Admit, Believe, and Forever Receive, and Absolute Authority.  The motions that were taught with the curriculum from Answers in Genesis were really simple, so we were asked to come up with other motions.  I was very pleased with the result, though toward the end I was getting a little stressed out, because I was afraid we wouldn't have them ready in time.  But all was well!  Couldn't have done it without God, that's for sure!

Moving on...
I don't know what happened to the pic below, but every other day Pastor W would get up and speak.  Then JM would take over and speak of that day's activities and what they would be learning about.  He would usually begin with fun facts about animals (Did you know that under a polar bear's two layer's of fur and three inches of fat, his skin is black?).  He would  throw in some cheesy jokes every now and then... And I mean really cheesy.  


These aren't the best pics, I know.  Please bear with me.
This is what the sanctuary looked like with all the kids.  All told, we had nearly 200 people involved, that includes the volunteers and workers, as well as the kids.

And now for Preschool Crafts.
Everybody loves to paint!

This little girl was so cute!  She had the biggest eyes and the curliest hair.

And this big guy here is the number one Bibleman fan, let me tell ya.  Nearly every day he had either Rhen or Catlia draw Bibleman for him and he would tell them straight up if what they drew was right or not. 
It was hilarious.

This was at the end of the days.  JM would speak again and ask if they'd learned anything.
We would conclude with the theme song or the song we'd just learned that day, then the kids would be dismissed.

Every year for VBS, the church (or children's director) chooses an organization to donate funds to.  This year, because we did an Answers in Genesis program, the money that the kids raised was donated to the Ark Encounter.  They usually have a sort of contest to see who can raise the most money, boys vs. girls.  Most often, the girls win, but this year the boys threw them out of the water!  Combined, I think they raised nearly $300.  It was great.  Of course, there was a lot of screaming and celebrating on the boys part...
As you can see below, girls' bottle on the right, boys' on the left.

More crafts!
We had some really cute crafts for the kids to make this year.
Below, this group is working on some home-made bird feeders.  All you need is an assortment of different colored pipe cleaners and some off-brand cheerios.  Tie off the end any way you want, just so the cheerios won't come off, and thread the cereal on.  You can make all sorts of shapes.  We had circles, curly-q's, and straight sticks.
Actually, we took the samples we made and hung them in a tree at the corner of our house, and they are still there... I think they've turned a little green...
So, if you want to try this with your kids, make sure you hang them somewhere you know birds will find, otherwise, they start to change colors... Haha!

Here's another of our preschoolers.
He was so cute!  This little man would not express any kind of emotions, all he would do is stare at you.
It was kind of intimidating... But every now and then, someone would be able to get a smile from him.

Lots of smiles!

This was our oldest class, pre-k.  They were also our biggest in number.

This is the bird feeder craft, still.  I forgot my camera a couple days...

And finally, Family Night.
Everybody was invited on this day.  We had a sort of closing ceremony and then everybody headed outside for the cookout.

After JM opened up with a summary of the week, the preschoolers came and sang some songs for us. They were adorable!

Then it was the older group of kids, kindergarten through 6th.
That's me in the middle with my hand up, trying to get the kid's attention.
We sang the theme song and another song called "Simple As That."  One of our favorites.
The chorus goes:
It's simple, simple as, simple as that
God made heaven and the earth
Simple as that
It's simple, simple as, simple as that
The Bible says it, that settles it
Simple as that!

Our brother videoed the two songs, and took these pics, but I wasn't able to add them on due to internet issues... 

After the songs, each kid was presented with a certificate of completion.
Cousin K is down there in the plaid shorts.

And there is Cousins R and J.

Well, that concludes VBS 2012!
We had a great time!  We loved doing the music and crafts, and look forward to next year.
Thanks for reading!

Lady Elisera


Sam said...

Thanks for sharing your VBS experience!

Sammy and Missy Parris said...

This looks like it was a great VBS but after I saw that first picture I believe I got your church mixed up with a church in the main part of Athens that I went to when I was a youth. If i'm not mistaken this church is kind of out in the country, am I right this time? I think I just got the two names mixed up because I have been to both. We used to go to Candies Creek and our pastor at the time(David Landrith) I believe was a friend of your pastors and he must have preached there one time. Possibly at a revival or something and I'm thinking my husband sang with a few others that night. Now I may be totally wrong but I think I am finally in the right direction. This was probably at least over 12 years ago. Not sure if you all were members then but your Mom or Dad might remember because Pastor Landrith was a wonderful preacher. I loved all those pictures of the kids it looks like it was a great week!!! Not sure if you can make heads or tails out of my comment but maybe, Missy

3Maidens said...

Thank you for your comment, Mrs. Parris! Don't worry, I understand what you are trying to say. I think... *laughs* Yes, our church, Clearwater, is more or less in the country, and my family has been attending for as long as I can remember. Actually, I believe my relatives helped found the church in the early 1900s, and have been there ever since. The name Landrith doesn't really sound familiar to me, but that doesn't mean anything because we've had far too many pastors come to visit and speak for revivals and such, so you may be right. Our current pastor has been there now for 14 years, I believe... so again, you may be right in the timeline. Anyways, thanks again for your comment!