Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Riddle of the Week

I have written another poem! In fact, I actually wrote a riddle!  I love riddles... See if you can guess the answer.  Most of you, I'm sure will get it right off.  Maybe I made it too easy... Ah, well, it was fun!

Who Am I?
I am from the beginning;
Formed before creation, before the world's birth.
Present when my Lord established the heavens,
And laid the foundations of the earth.
I am my Lord's delight, to His people I serve.
Through me reign judges and kings.
When they heed my instruction,
O how my heart gladly sings!
I am mother to all who accept me,
Yet I have no body, no form.
Those who follow me are happy,
In their plight, my strength keeps them warm.
I am worth more than silver,
Yea, my fruit more than solid gold.
Far better than jewels, am I;
I house wondrous treasuries untold.
My home is full of riches and honor;
To my children's inheritance, I give wealth.
He who listens to what I say
Gains knowledge, understanding, and health.
I stand at every door, call out at every gate;
Though many dismiss me, I will be heard.
If they would only lend ear and listen,
With whole heart and mind, to my every word.
Don't ignore my instruction,
For it could very well be your death.
But those who find me, find life
And a purpose with every breath.
Those who search long for me will find me,
No one can deny.
My ways can hurt and heal,
Can you guess,
who am I?

Maybe next time I'll host a prize for the winner... But I think this one is too easy.  My family knew it right away... 

Can you tell me where the "info" is found?

Please leave a comment of your answer! 

Have a great week!


Sam said...

We figured out that it was wisdom (right?), but as of yet we have not sat down to try and find verse references. Good riddle-writing!

3Maidens said...

Absolutely! You are correct =D It was too easy, wasn't it?
Thanks for reading!