Friday, January 11, 2013

Long Week & What's Goin' On

Greetings, dear friends!  Don't worry, we're still here!  

It has been a crazy long week these past few days.  We, as in myself, siblings, grandmother, and great-aunt, were all hired as part-time employees to work inventory at a local tractor company.  From 8am to 5pm, we counted, numbered, and cataloged thousands of parts, which ranged from nuts and bolts to washers, belts to blades, and other such doohickeys/thingamabobs...  It was quite an experience, and we are definitely thankful for the [hard-earned] money.  Truly, it gave us a taste of how the outside world lives every hour to hour.

Our dear sister Julia is now in Arizona, visiting our mother's sister's family.  For practically the whole month of January, Uncle K, a professional musician, will be gone most every night playing gigs and such, leaving Aunt J with four kids under the age of nine, the youngest a Type 1 diabetic.  So, Julia flew out to help in any way she can.  We miss her!

Meanwhile, Jen and I are keeping busy coaching a 1st and 2nd grade basketball team for Upward - you may remember us mentioning this ministry our church hosts.  Already, we have a couple practices and one game under our belts, with another hour of practice tonight and game at 10am tomorrow.  I had forgotten how much I love doing this.  Our little team of nine, aged 7-8, are so precious!  I greatly enjoy seeing their smiling faces when they finally make a basket or react like so to our encouragement and cheering.  

On top of that, our church is starting a new semester of Kick It, beginning this coming Wednesday, and Jenny and I are also involved in that.  To explain, we, as a church, felt the need to do something different, something more than AWANA on Wednesday nights, and Kick It was the result.  Our church is located just a half-mile down the road from an elementary school, and for years we've hosted a kind of After School program in which AWANA was a part of.  A designated driver would go to the school, in our church vans and pick up the kids (with permission, of course) at 3pm, and bring them back for games, snacks, devotions, and AWANA starting at 5pm.  Now, we have, with Kick It, a new program, based on Centri-Kid camps.  The same thing happens with getting the kids, now in an old school bus, and such, but in place of AWANA, we have different tracts that the kids can choose to do, such as: a Creation "class", Footpraise (which my sisters and I lead, "dancing/interpretive movement/sign"), Cross Fit Ninja, Extreme Crafts, Sports, and maybe a few others.  Last semester was a kind of test to try out and see what worked and what didn't.  This time, we are adding other tracts and working toward our VBS program, which is going to be Answers in Genesis' The Kingdom Chronicles!  I'm so excited!  The crafts will be in charge of making, building, and painting the set, Footpraise will learn the songs, and so on.  It's gonna be great!

So, that's a little bit of what's going on with us.

Thanks for reading!



Sam said...

Sounds terrific! You should post some pictures of your class sometime =].

Jana Thomas said...

Wow! Sounds exciting. Thanks so much for sharing your sweet sis. She is precious to us. I just hope she can survive with a bit of sanity for 3 wks. Today we had friends over who have 4 kids so she got to be in a house with 8 people under the age of 9 for about 6 hours. :-) She sure is helpful and appreciated. Love you all!