Friday, May 10, 2013

Umbrella Cats, Rainbows, Photography, and Furry Moles

Salutations, friends!  Welcome back!

Did you read the title of this post?  Have I aroused the deep, sometimes dangerous, feeling of curiosity that dwells in the dark, dank, dungeons of your thirsty soul?

Hmm.  Well, you'll have to do better than that

No matter.  Continue reading... 

If you dare.  


I thought I would share a summary of this past week.  We haven't been super busy as of late, but I'm sure that will change.  Hay season is on the way! =] With all of the rain we've received (approximately 10 inches over two different periods), our fields seem to have blossomed.  And though they are not as full and thick as we would like, we are thankful.  

Due to all the rain, there is this wonderful contraption called an umbrella. Aren't these marvelous inventions fantastic?  Ha! our kitty thinks so!

Below, you will see Nala with her paraplouie (*ahem* French word for umbrella).  I don't really remember why Ma put her opened umbrella in her room that day, but Nala seemed to like it there.

Fun Fact:
The word umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra meaning "shade" or "shadow;" and umbella (umbel, a flat-topped, rounded flower).  The Latin word, in turn, derives from the Ancient Greek ombros

The word parasol is used to refer to an item designed to protect against the sun, while the word umbrella refers to a device to protect against rain.  There is a difference between the two, commonly the material, be it waterproof or not. 

Brolly is a slang term for this handy invention and is often used in Britain, as well as other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Kenya.  My favorite name for this contraption is the Bumbershoot, an Americanism from the 19th century. 


There's your educational fact of the day.

And where would we be without the Promise of the sky, or rather, the Hand who made a promise to us.

Maiden Photography. 

Here are just a few photos taken within the last two weeks.

Tulip, from a early Mother's Day bouquet.

"Purity," Autumn Angel Encore Azalea

Yellow Coreopsis
Have you guessed?  I love taking photos of flowers!

"Cedar in the Rain"
The above photo was taken in the forest adjoining our house after one of the long rains.  I love the water droplets, and was very pleased with how this particular photo turned out. ^__^

"Beauty of Pink"
All of these photos can be found on my DeviantART.


OK.  So, we've seen Umbrella Cat, a rainbow, and a bit of photography... What's next??

Furry moles!!!

"Why moles?" you may ask.  Well, because... I caught one today.  With my bare hands!  He was so cute and furry! =3  And just to make you believe me, I have PROOF!

Photos courtesy of the Brother-Knight (who found the little mole, while working outside, and called our attention to him).

Seriously.  He was cute.  Look at him!

Needless to say, the experience brought back memories of Brian Jacques Redwall books, and I was trying to think of some of his mole names...  But alas, none came to mind.

I did let him go, by the way.  He was trembling so!

This little guy wasn't the first miniature rodent I've caught.  With my hands.  You won't believe me (because I don't have pictures), but I have captured a mouse, too!  I have witnesses.  My whole family, including my grandparents, saw him.  And, yes, he was adorable!  Have you seen Disney's The Lion King?  Think of the little mouse that Scar was playing with, and that's exactly what he looked like! 

  Thanks for stopping by, traveler!  I hope you were entertained. =]


Hannah said...

I think my family is the carrier for some kind of umbrella disease or something. All of our umbrellas die.Which is why we don't have any. Oh well, when I live in my own apartment I will have umbrellas galore!

Nightingale said...

That mole is so cute! Did you'm offer 'm any Deeper'n'Ever Turnip'n'Tater'n'Beetroot Pie? As furr names, thurr is allus a Foremole; an' 'ow abowt young Dinny? ;D


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hannah: Haha! Too funny! I completely understand! XD

Risa: Ohmigooness! Your comment made me laugh out loud! Alas, I failed to offer the little guy some Deeper'n'Ever Turnip'n'Tater'n'Beetroot Pie... An' yurs, Foremole would'a' bin purfeck, tho' oi think Dinny would better fit 'im.

Thanks for commenting, ladies!!