Monday, May 6, 2013

Untitled Snippets

Sarah's effort to write consistently and actually work on finishing her stories has inspired me.  Unfortunately, I haven't been as diligent as she with my own tales.  As such, the next part of the series I have been attempting to post is not yet ready *cough* written *cough*...

Anywho... here are a few story snippets from various ideas floating around in my strange little mind.  As the title of this post suggests, none of these snippets have a name.  So sad.


          "What is it?"
          "The Christian cult, most likely."  Cameron returned to his desk, shuffled through some papers, then picked up a folder.  For a moment, the rustling pages were all that sounded in the small room as he flipped through the contents before handing it to Kyte.  "Take what you need and get busy."
          Wordlessly, Kyte accepted the folder and left.  Davis followed him to the door, watching him depart down the bleak hallway while Cameron sat down heavily with a sigh.
          "Is he always like that?"
          Cameron raised an eyebrow at the inquiry.  
          "He's an Enforcer.  What does it matter?"
~ an untitled end-times story

          "Because it is the desire of the Ministry of Unity that all be welcomed, and none rejected, and that peace abound, we, the Council, have decided as one that you be granted the opportunity to renounce this faith, which so blatantly discriminates against any sort of tolerance and respect that is necessary for the peace of the world and universe."
~ untitled end-times story

          "She's a Christian," the officer on her left answered.  "She is to be removed from society.  We are taking her to Cleansing."
~ untitled end-times story

            "Enough!" Papa roared, startling Jared and Mirian.  "Move aside and let us pass!"  Narrowing his eyes, the soldier drew his own weapon.
           "You are too late!" he hissed.
~ untitled allegorical tale

          Myra shook her head hopelessly.  "Glork swoggle," she snorted.
- from an untitled animal short story series (Are you noticing a pattern here?)

          "That little brat bit me," he spat, pointing at the fiery boy with his bloodied finger.  Malin laughed.
          "Really, Logan," he chuckled at the indignant man, reaching down to pat the boy roughly on the head. "How could a harmless little-- Ye-heeek!"
- untitled fantasy story


Hope you all enjoy!


Sam said...

I enjoyed reading these. The last two are probably my favorite. =]

Julia Catherine said...

Thank you, Lady Sam! The last snippet is actually from a story I started a long time ago with some characters Jenny created. Heh, Slannin, from Sarah's short story on her blog, is actually one of my characters from the same story. :)

Ashlin said...

Oh, cool. I'm glad you posted some of your snippets too! I'm really interested in your story ideas. I've never even tried to write any of the genres you're writing in, end-times, allegorical, short stories, or fantasy. Very neat and (some) very funny writing. =)

Julia Catherine said...

Aw, thanks, Lady Ashlin. ^.^ You're so kind!
What about snippets from your tales? Will you be posting anything of the sort any time soon?