Saturday, May 4, 2013

Faith, Family, Freedom

I know not all who read our blog are within the home-educated sphere, but everyone needs to hear about a certain home-educating family.

You may indeed be aware of the plight of the Romeike family, a Christian family from Germany, who are even now facing the possibility of being deported back to their homeland where the government would almost undoubtedly confiscate their children.

If not, you need to be.

The Romeike Family

Answers in Genesis has an article that I would encourage you to read.  Here are a couple paragraphs that stood out to me:

"As far as liberty in the U.S. is concerned, attorney Michael Donnelly, HSLDA director of international relations, shared with AiG staff the day after the oral arguments that he found it “very troubling what the Obama Administration was arguing in court” about homeschooling. He observed that the U.S. Attorney General was supporting the German government’s assertion that homeschooling is not a parental right. In essence, the Obama Administration was endorsing a belief that the upbringing of children really belongs to the government, not to the parents, and that governments have a right to educate children in the way they alone determine. As the Obama Administration chips away at the right of parents to homeschool their children, it is undermining the biblical admonition that children belong to the parents and that parents are responsible for the education of their children."

"The shadow of the Romeike case stretches not just to homeschooling families, however, but also to all Americans who value their constitutionally protected religious freedom. You see, the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice, by its claim that the Romeike's religious freedom is not being threatened because not all Christians want to homeschool, is suggesting that religious freedom is only the freedom to conform to a religious group, not the freedom to have individual religious convictions. This sort of thinking in the Obama Administration represents a worrisome threat to the religious freedom of all Americans, not just Christians who homeschool."

I don't know know about you, but something about this situation, not to mention many others, frightens me.  I am very much reminded of the families that, so long ago, came to a strange, distant land because of the persecution of the government.  They endured incredible hardships all because they desired to truly live for God as He had convicted them.

To think the very country that was born out of the faith, convictions, and determination of those families would even consider denying a family such as this the ability, the God-given blessing, of raising, teaching, and training their own children in the way that God has convicted them to (Deuteronomy 6:4-9), is absolutely mind-blowing to me!
You can keep up with the Romeike's case on HSLDA's case page of their website here; be sure to watch the video located on either the AiG article or the case page as well.  Above all, please be in prayer for this family and our country.

If the Romeike's are denied our country's protection,

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Sara H said...

Wow! I did not know about this until just now. I will definetly be keeping up with this on their website. What has the world come to? The very things our country was founded on people no longer acknowledge and no longer see a need for it! That's really shocking.