Friday, September 27, 2013

Late Artsy... Day!

I'm late! I'm late!
For a very important date!
Not that important.
But I am late.

Anyway, I haven't drawn any digital drawings in a bit so I thought that I would start introducing you to my little sweet hearts.
My sketch books.
First off is Albert.

There were other sketchbooks before him but he was the first to be named.
Here are some pictures from him.
Note that he was started in 2011.
Started on February 3 and finished on April 25.

I took a picture of these pictures so they are a little dark ( I despise the scanner!), I also edited them in photoshop to make them lighter.

Wow... You're getting alot of pictures this time.

Yeah, lots...

To quote Hammy from Over the Hedge:
"It never ends!"

It actually does end!
Scared you for a second, didn't I?
Next week will be back to normal, meaning I will post on Wednesday.
Maybe it will be the next sketchbook, but I don't want to overwhelm 
you, so it will be a digital picture or two.
Really, I cut alot out so you wouldn't go crazy.
(My sketchbooks have 80 pages in them, or something like that)

Well, that's all for today!
Until next time!

Lady Jenny


Sam said...

Sweeeet! I've always been partial to sketches (coloreds are nice too, of course) and these are great. You do animals really well. Love "On Top of the World." ;]

Jenny Dake said...

Thank you!

Ashlin said...

I really like that platypus/narwhal picture!
It was so fun "looking thru" you sketchbook. I'm with Sam; partial to sketches.

Jenny Dake said...

Thank you, Lady Ashlin!