Tuesday, September 24, 2013


This poem is a bit random, I'm afraid.  =]  But maybe it will put a smile on your face.  Remember to give thanks for what you have, tomorrow it could be gone.

A Poor Unfortunate
(An excerpt and poem from It Can Be Done: Poems for Hardship, Sacrifice, and Dominion)

Things are never so bad but they might have been worse.  An immigrant into the South paid a negro to bring him a wild turkey.  The next day he complained: "You shouldn't shoot at the turkey's body, Rastus.  Shoot at his head.  The flesh of that turkey was simply full of shot."  "Boss," said the negro, "dem shot was meant for me."

His hoss went dead an' his mule went lame;
He lost six cows in a poker game;
A harricane came on a summer's day,
An' carried the house whar' he lived away;
Then a airthquake come when that wuz gone,
An' swallered the lan' that the house stood on!
An' the tax collector, he come roun'
An' charged him up fer the hole in the groun'!
An' the city marshal--he come in view
An' said he wanted his street tax, too!

Did he moan an' sigh? Did he set an' cry
An' cuss the harricane sweepin' by?
Did he grieve that his ol' friends failed to call
When the airthquake come an' swallered all?
Never a word o' blame he said,
With all them troubles on top his head!
Not him... He clumb to the top o' the hill--
Whar' standin' room wuz left him still,
An' barin' his head, here's what he said:
"I reckon it's time to git up an' git;
But, Lord, I hain't had the measels yit!"

Frank L. Stanton

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