Thursday, October 31, 2013

Artsy Thursday

It is decided that, for now, I shall post my art on Thursdays.

 Well, today is Halloween.
A night that is spent in costumes running around gathering candy.
We, my family, only went to our grandparents and to an Aunt and Uncle to go trick or treating.
I enjoyed the candy and dressing up.
But it's not something everyone likes to do.
I understand.
This is also a night were people delve into the darker things of life.
There is a lot of controversy over this day among Christians.
We are supposed to be different, to be the light in this world.
Is it alright to dress up and go out and get candy?
I don't see anything wrong with that.
I do find that dressing up as a vampire bad.
God FORBADE the drinking of blood, it was a horrible practice by pagans.
Zombies? Man is to die once and then judgement.
Ghosts? Same as the zombies.
It's alright to dress up as long as it's honoring to God.
Think along the lines of a knight or a princess!
(And modesty!)
I must admit I have cat ears.
Hey if you have a lot of kids or siblings, why not go as Noah and some of the animals!
Oh! That is a cute mental picture!
Someone should seriously do that.
Halloween doesn't have to be a day that Christians just have nothing to do with, it's a great time to minister to people.
To give a light in the darkness.

Anyway, that just suddenly came to me.
You just got a two in one blog post!
A little... speech?
And finally... A picture!

Aww! It's a little candy corn!

Hey , if anyone wants to come up with something for me to draw you can post it in the comments and I shall try my best!
And it could be posted on here.
That is, only if you want to.
Of course it won't be next week, 'cause you get to meet another one of my sketch books then!

Well, until next time, dear friends!
Lady Jenny


Andra Kramer said...

Hello Sarah, Jenny, and Julia,

I am not sure if you remember me, but my name is Andra Kramer and we met at the McCready's home. I am sorry I wasn't very hospitable, but I did enjoy meeting all of you.

A friend of mine gave me your blog address and have been so blessed by reading it over the past month or so. Thank you so much for sharing.

I pray one day I will get to see you all again.

@ndr@ K.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hello, Andra!

We do remember you! It was such a pleasure and joy to meet you and we hope to get the chance again as well. You are so sweet! =] Thank you so much for commenting!