Thursday, October 24, 2013

Artsy Thursday

I am seriously considering moving Artsy Wednesday to Thursday.
Thursdays just seem to work better at the moment.

I took a nap today, so I am feeling abit more refreshed than last week.
Plus, I didn't actually have to draw something 
Today you get to meet ...

He's a laid back kind of guy.

In the gallery there is a good bunch of portraits.

I based the dress off of a jellyfish.
I like jellyfish.

Lot's of random people in here too.

Now, this little beauty was based off of a really pretty, dainty looking mule we got once.
It was a living terror! Absolutely mean, violent, and loud.
We got rid of her quickly.

I like her hair.

I dubbed this little creature the... night stalker.

He's a cute looking fella'.

It's soooo cute!

I spent a lot of time working on the jewelry.

My wonderful randomness at work...

Which is always balanced by cuteness.

You will meet this artsy girl in a couple of weeks!

Myrander is the younger sister of Delani, characters of Lady Sarah's stories.

Here is Delani, the older sister of Myrander.

And you probably know Safia. 
Sarah has written a few posts of the land that Safia is from.

And here is the end!
I hope you had a wonderful time.
Come back and visit us soon!

Lady Jenny

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