Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Artsy Wednesday - The Archer

Hello, all!

This is Julia, filling in for Jenny on this week's edition of Artsy Wednesday!  Fear not, Jenny and her lovely works shall return next week with a trip through her next "darling", Bernie.  


If you got lost on that last sentence, click on over here to meet Albert and you will understand. :)

Today, I am sharing a couple sketches of mine depicting an archer from the depths of my murky imagination.  Alas, he has no name...

But he does look pretty cool, if I do say so m'self.

The first sketch was recently drawn (as in, a few days ago), whilst the second dates back quite a few months to I-don't-really-remember-when-because-I-didn't-date-it.

Please forgive the lack of a background and the invisible stool, chair, or whatever it is he is supposed to be sitting on.  I got lazy.

All in all, I am rather pleased with both pictures because of the character's different face and the fact that I was able to accurately replicate it.  It has been difficult for me to portray a character consistently.

There you have it!  I hope you were not too emotionally scarred at having missed Jenny's art work this week.  ;)

Hey, has anyone noticed it is October already?


Nightingale said...

These are very good, Julia! Very realistic posture and expressions, I think. I especially like the first sketch. :)
Not to disparage your sister by any means, no ma'am, I must say I'm glad we've had the chance to peek at some of your art and hope we can do so again! :)

Julia Catherine said...

Thank you very much!

No disparagement taken!

All three of us maidens draw, and each of us has a varying style we've developed over the years-- and will continue to develop as we go. We enjoy these differences and are glad we can share them with others!