Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Drama Update!

Our first weekend of performances is now past.  Our God has worked wonders and planted so many seeds!  A total of 15 precious souls were added to the Christian family, with 48 re-dedications.

Praise to the King!

Our next show begins this Friday, with two more (possibly three, depending on how fast we fill seats) following on Saturday, then Sunday.  If we have to, and it's a great problem to have! a 3pm matinee will be added to Saturday, but so far, hasn't happened yet.

A huge thank-you for your prayers!  They are surely felt and so happily appreciated.  =]

Here are a few pics from pre-production and behind-the-scenes, that I'd like to share with you:

I don't remember if I had mentioned this before, but our stage has expanded considerably.  This season's production is at the local Middle School, and what a blessing it is!  Where our church's sanctuary can hold a cramped 200, the school auditorium can seat 800.  That is roughly FOUR performances at the church!

This is the stage we are used to. . .
(As a side note, I apologize in advance for some of the pics.  They may be blurry and/or fuzzy due to lighting in the room, but worth sharing anyway.)  =]

. . .and this, is the stage 

A huge difference!

The rest of these pics are from a couple practices where we were at the local elementary school, located just down the road from the church.  This was before we were able to set up at the Middle School.  Using the gym was to give us an idea of the size of the stage.  It helped tremendously.

In the pic below, our director is giving his announcements, the night's schedule, and what-to-do's and what-not-to-do's.  =]

During this practice, those not in the current scene waited on the sidelines, watching.

All in all, I believe we had about 80 members involved as the cast and crew of this drama.

Can't do a play without sound and music, can you?  Well, this is the guy.  Don't know what we would do without him!  Both for this drama and at church!  He serves as the office administrator and the praise band director (plays electric guitar in the band, but also rocks on the piano and drums).  And, we only recently found out that he's not a cyborg!  (I apologize, dear readers, inside joke!  He's a cousin, actually, of my dad; and, with all that he can do, he could be a machine!)

Our director, Dr. R.  I had to share this pic.  Couldn't help but laugh at the rooster in the background!  (Props for a nativity scene.)

This photo just shows how much devotion and work our director put into this production.  And not just him!  Our construction crew, costume ladies, and backstage guys, put in countless hours to make this drama happen.  

Heh.  =]  I like this one.  That's our brother, Jamin, peeking from the curtain.  He was a huge part of the four-man team that worked backstage.  Can you tell what his shirt is?  

Ah, yes.  Can't forget this lady.  She's crazy!  This is Amy (another cousin, though we hesitate to claim her. . . [I'm kidding!] You just have to know her to understand.).  ;D  She is the self-proclaimed senior demon director.  In charge of the demon characters of the play, making sure they screamed on cue.  
Note:  No innocent lambs were harmed in the making of this show.  Good gravy, that lamb wasn't even in the play!

Here we go!  These surly gentlemen are three of the four members of the backstage crew.  Jamin on the right, C in the middle (another cousin, by the way.), and B on the far left.

And here's all four of 'em.  Uncle C (our daddy's younger brother) is the team leader.  He's always on the move!

Haha!  The guy behind Jamin portrays Jesus in this drama.  And, as Barney on The Andy Griffith show says, "He's a nut!"
N is also a member of the praise band, on the drums.  He's good.  And I mean, really good. 

Jamin didn't know he was there at first.  It was just like a turn-and-somebody's-in-your-face kind of thing.  XD

Jenny and Dad hanging out backstage.  They are waiting to go on.  Dad portrayed the Holy Spirit, and Jenny was Beth, sister to a main character.

This is Mr. D, playing Michael the Archangel, and L playing Rachel, a confused teen.

N again.  I guess this is his version of "cheese!"  Random note: he's going to be a daddy soon!  His wife is expecting their first, a baby girl.  ^__^  Bless her heart.

This is part of the Judgment scene.

Well, hello!  Below is B, the preacher's youngest daughter.  =]  And C, son of the director.  He has an important role as Michael, another confused, messed up teen.

There's Amy again, and her choir of "demons."  (Excluding the older man in the bright yellow hoodie.  Another actor.  He, too, is a "nut!")

Mrs. S, who plays a elderly grandmother.  Amy is cheering her on as she goes to be "judged" in the Judgment scene.

Director shouting directions.  In a wheelchair, commandeered from Mrs. S.  O_o  Sometimes you just gotta sit down, you know?

And here is the final picture, as well as the ending of the last scene.

Hope you enjoyed looking through these!



Sam said...

What a neat thing for you all to be a part of. I'm glad it was such a success!
Thanks for the pictures, and I like Jamin's Cpt. America shirt ;].

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Sam!

I love his shirt, too! (I got it for him last Christmas) ^__^

Lauriloth said...

Wow! 15 saved and 48 re-dedications? Praise the Lord!!! What glorious news! You guys are really impacting lives! And looks like you're having fun too. ;)

Continuing to pray for you all! It's wonderful what you're doing.