Tuesday, December 31, 2013

And in comes a New Year

2014 is now upon us.
Are you ready?  Did you accomplish the goals, if any, you had set for 2013?  Have you any goals for this new year?

Can I ask a deeper question?  If you stood face to face with God, would you be ashamed of anything you have done, thought, or said over the past year?  Would He be pleased with you?

Sadly, the reality would probably be negative.  Make a point to bring God into everything you do this coming year.  Greet Him every morning.  With all resolutions aside, He should be the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up.  Make Him the first piece of the puzzle that you place on the table and all the others in life will fall into place.  If you do so, this could be the best year of your life.  Don't take for granted each breath you breathe.  Make every day a day worth living.

Happy New Year!


Elizabeth Sara said...

I didn't accomplish many goals, but God taught me a lot. He is surely not happy with all that I've done, but I aim to change that. I know that I can be a princess of God (the meaning of my name!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That's wonderful! God will never cease to amaze me =] We are not perfect, and in His grace He knows that. What a blessing to know that He will love us no matter what!

Thanks for commenting!

Jade said...

Exactly—God is the most valuable. :) Realizing this truth keeps our priorities in place, so we can feel truly free. I don't think I set any new year's goals last year, and I didn't accomplish a lot, and days went by when I didn't pray, but I still know God is always present. :) Happy New Year to you!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

And to you, Lady Jade! Thanks for commenting :D