Saturday, January 4, 2014

Artsy Saturday

I am back! the holidays and parties are over, so that means it's right back on schedule!
What schedule is that, you may ask?
Posting pictures once a week, I so magnificently answer, arms held wide as you look on in ridiculous reverence.
. . .
Say! I could be a really good writer!

Anyway, here is the next art gallery in my collection:

He's a sweet, kind of naive, little dude.

Yeah, her hair looks delicious.

I think I started really experimenting with different face shapes in this gallery.

I guess when I drew this I was in a really bright and happy mood.

An island girl and her dog.
I have a hard time drawing dogs...

I think she is my favorite!

I want a dress like that.
Can't you imagine that it sounds like little bells when you walk in this dress?

This is usually how my original character's profile looks.
I quite liked this dude, mostly because he had such flawed characteristics.

I like lions when they are behind really really thick glass.
We watched a movie with lions. It could have been labeled as a horror movie.
I didn't sleep that whole night. 

'Cause skunks got attitude.

"(muffled giggle) I'll go get my ball!"
Kudos if you know who this little hamster is based off of!

And here we are, at the end.
Oh, I forgot to mention that lady Julia drew the background on the first and last page.
She's so talented!

Hey! Look!
An extra picture!

I tried another little contest.
I didn't win, but it was fun drawing this little scene.

Until next time, my friends!

Lady Jenny


Brittney Johnson said...

Oh my word! These are amazing O_o I wish I could draw like this! You are SO talented. I love the minion one!

Grace Le Feuvre-Smith said...

Wow you are amazingly talented Lady Jenny, I how the little hamster is! :) He is renown in the move bolt! I LOVE that move! :) Ho and my 3 favorite picture are the 4th,6th and 11th! Wonderful post, it brings a smile to me! Grace-Le-Feuvre-Smith. xxx :) :D P.S Can't what for more post, read your post next time! ;)

Jenny Dake said...

Aww! Thank you ladies!