Friday, December 6, 2013

Artsy . . . Friday!

Well, howdy do!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving week!
And, can you believe it?! It is the Christmas month!
Yay! Christmas music, decorations, and more food!

it is time for my art post.
Today you get to meet...

Hey, I photoshopped the name, I can't write that pretty.
So sad.

Erynn is professional, to the point, and a neat freak.

This is a knitting pattern I sketched out for a pony I did for one of my younger cousins.
It's alright, I can understand the pattern.

Doodle page!
I drew this during Lucifer's Lies two years ago.
lady Julia drew the angel.
Isn't it awesome!

Another doodle page this time of my family and a friend.
These sketches are called thumbnail sketches.
They are only supposed to get the idea across and should only take a few seconds to do each one.
Heheh... Guess what they are playing.

I drew this after hearing the idea on the news.

A Tron original character.
I am so pleased with the pose.

A fairie I drew when we were still on Neopets.

My idea for the Phantom of the Okra.
I pitched the idea to Veggie Tales, but they said they couldn't use it since it was my idea.
The top gentlebean is a green bean, the little lady is an onion, and the phantom is an ocra.

Random drawing!
Most of my drawings are random...

And that is it!
I hope you enjoyed my art!
Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Until next time.

Lady Jenny

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