Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Artsy Tuesday

That means 'hello' in Megamind's array of mispronounced words.
I like saying it that way.

Anyway, you get to meet another sketch book!
Say hello to...

Not to be mixed up with Gadget.
Detective Gidjit is a very serious fellow, who reluctantly gave up his office building for an art gallery.
In light of that, he must tolerate people who don't have a case for him.
All in all, he is a wonderful, no nonsense, 'patient', man 

He takes visitors in stride.
Though, don't expect him to come to your rescue if you get lost in the gallery.
A bad review means less visitors.

That's chibi me at Old Tuscon.
A pretty cool place where lots of westerns were filmed, like, uhh... McClintock (a John Wayne movie) and others that I can't think of at the moment. 
Anyway, it was fun.

Yeah, it's a random comic on slow reactions.

Thumbnail sketches!
It's so easy to draw poses like this.

I wore an outfit like this, not out town mind you. Only on the farm do I dress in my normal fashion.

Wow, one of my rare coloured drawings!

She's so cute!

This is usually how I come up with characters.
As you can see, one thing leads to another and I've got a new kind of troll.

The trolls you are probably most used to is the mountain/ cave troll.
I had fun creating them.
The woodland trolls are the most friendly and easy going.

This is a physique chart.
With my made up animals.
A nightstalker and elf, because both are mysterious.
A petapeep and woodland troll, both are earthy and kind.
And a yowler and human, 'cause you know they are just loud and crazy. 

Hey, look!
Another coloured picture!
I copied it off of a Egyptian, Christian, history book

This drawing of Gidjit was absolutely fun!
It took a little while, with all the hash marks but it was quite an exercise.
And I have really hard time with backgrounds and perspectives.
Can you tell?

I would totally be in this sport if it was real!

Well, it seems Gidjit is ready for you to leave.

I hope you enjoyed this tour!
Have a wonderful day!

Lady Jenny


Sam said...

That was great! I enjoyed it. Love the little creatures and trolls. Also the leprechaun illustration!

Ashlin said...

I love your colored pictures - especially the St. Patrick's Day picture! (A favorite holiday of mine.) =D

Jenny Dake said...

Thank you, ladies!

Jody Dake said...

Love several of these Jenny! Wonderful job! So cute!

Always Experiencing Him,