Saturday, March 1, 2014

Face Time

Hello, faithful readers of the Maidens!
Here I am, the generally non-existent maiden of this fair place...
You people are lucky to have Sarah and Jenny to keep this blog running, because I am horribly unfaithful when it comes to this posting thing.

Anywho, here are a few sketches from your's truly.  I've recently began drawing faces and filling a page with these random people.  In my immense cleverness, I decided to name these little doodle pages "Face Time."  So, without further ado, here is Face Time #1.

I call this fella the Skeptic.

Looks like she's a fun little lady!  ^.^

I don't know why, but smiling, bushy faces make me happy.

He looks like a character!

This lovely lady is inspired by a character of Jenny's; I believe you may get to meet her soon...


Aaaand, here's an extra drawing of a happy, loving older couple.  

Hope you enjoyed!



Claire M. said...

I love them!

Jody Dake said...

Great job Julia! Is the cute older couple dad and I later? Too cute!

Always Experiencing Him,

Nightingale said...

These are fantastic, Julia! Thanks for sharing some of your faces with us. :)


Julia Catherine said...

Thank you, ladies!

Aili said...

You're an amazing artist.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Miss Aili!