Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th!

Wow, it is the Fourth of July!
A day to celebrate freedom by honoring our military and veterans, by spending time with family, having cookouts, and, of course, fireworks.
As you enjoy this day, remember those who paid the price for our freedom.
And remember the One who can give you freedom from sin!

Alright, as promised you get to meet my next sketch book.
He doesn't like me that much...

He's a superhero.
Ever since I used his secret hide out for my art gallery, he's given me the cold shoulder.

I love dragonflies!
Yeah, I drew this up without looking up a dragonflies anatomy.

Just trying my hand at character designing.

Now, this was the start of something beautiful!
That's me and Julia, by the way.
I didn't actually do that, but I certainly had the urge to.

After this, Sarah got a text tone like this.
Sadly, she doesn't have a helmet to do what this fellow did.

I have gotten a few comments that I draw long necks.
Well, I think that it's graceful.
So there!

Concept art for a Rapunzel Kitty!

You'll meet this little lady later.

Yes, some people like to run their fingers over my non-smudge resistant, pencil, drawings.

That was a long one!
I just had a lot of good drawings in this book.

That concludes this tour.
I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Lady Jenny


Sam said...

Wow, those were all really good, Jenny! I can't wait to meet that "little lady", I love her design.

Nightingale said...

Very cool drawings, Jenny!! I likes them all. X)


Jenny Dake said...

Thanks, ladies!